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Hello this is Nathan Crutch field and let's talk briefly about the use of the risk matrix the risk matrix or risk assessment matrix allows us to do a number of things first it is a quick method that we can use to visualize risk bringing in tangible into view for those we have to share our concerns with it helps us prioritize risk reduction measures and compare risk reduction measures in a visual manner helps us consider incident probability it also helps us consider the severity that could result this is a risk matrix there are a number of different variations of these in various textbooks and articles this one is taken from the ANSI z10 2005 if you'll note on the left column we have the likelihood of occurrence or exposure and the estimate of potential frequency this ranges from the bottom left corner of improbable very unlikely to remote not likely to occur occasional likely to occur at some time probable likely to occur several times to frequent which is likely to occur repeatedly across the top and the other columns from left to right we have catastrophic meaning the situation or the exposure could lead to death or permanent total disability then we have critical disability in excess of three months marginal minor injury or lost workday accident and finally negligible which is a first date or minor medical treatment the intersection of the potential severity and the potential frequency gives us a rating in this case we've assumed a particular situation is probable in other words the exposure is likely to occur several times we believe from our discussions with employees and others that in study of our loss history that it could result in a disability in excess of three months by using the matrix we identify we have a high risk, and we don't believe the operation should be permitted until controls are put into place or alternatives developed we may develop our alternatives, and we can then reassess our risk in this case we might assume that we have changed the risk to being remote not likely to occur and that the severity would be marginal this gives us a medium risk where we can take remedial action at the appropriate time we can now compare this against our previous risk and see the relative scale that we've changed the situation by also this will allow us to evaluate risk and set priorities obviously the one that is a high risk operation not permissible should be worked on in advance of the medium risk, but we need to use the risk matrix with caution one discuss and review with supervisors and employees do they understand the risk do you understand the risk does everyone agree on the assessment and do not block communication or throw obstacles in the way you need a very good open dialogue when you're trying to determine risk is the review and research history available have you studied what has happened in your industry and similar situations or exposures to various hazards what do you know about the organizational loss history you need to...
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